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Eim-Games is Kendra’s indie game developer studio. This is the name that Kendra uses to publish the indie games she designs and develops.

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Youngstown Game Developers started as a networking group for local developers in Youngstown, OH. It has grown into a more national resourcing group, with web subscribers and people from all over the world seeking information about developing their own indie games.

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KC Indie Designs

KC Indie Game Designs is the name Kendra uses to do freelance work for other indie game developers.

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Monkey Wrench Gear

Monkey Wrench Custom Computer Gear is a custom gaming computer company that launched in 2017 by Kendra and her fiance, Shawn. The two of them have a passion for games and building computers and decided to take that passion and start building custom gaming computers for others.

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Eimear Studios is an LLC company. Founded in 2012 by Kendra Corpier in the state of Arizona. In 2013, Kendra moved to Ohio and took her company with her.

She divided her company into four different divisions: Eim-Games, Youngstown Game Developers, KC Indie Game Design, and Monkey Wrench Custom Computer Gear.


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CEO / Game Dev / President
Kendra has a degree in game development. She loves designing, creating art for and making games and the computers to play them.


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